From Knuckle bones to Video Games

We use the term “Toys” not only to describe those children’s things, but we also use it to describe much stuff like when we say “boy’s toys” we mean cars, motorcycles, and things that boys and grown men like. That term is generally used to describe anything that we play with, so let’s see what people have been playing with since ancient Egypt to present times.

Ancient Egyptians enjoyed living the good and prosperous life, and toys and games were a big part of it. Egyptian kids had toys made of knuckle bones of animals that they used to play games like Jackstones, and they used dice in some games as well. They had toys made from clay like clay rattles and little animals and people clay figures, like a hippo with jaws that close and open. The fanciest ancient Egyptian toys were made of cloth and were stuffed with papyrus. An attorney I know at website found a bunch of these during a Real estate deal they did years back. Talk about a rare find that was pretty valuable!

Did you know that the Yoyo is an ancient Greek invention? In ancient Greece, Yoyos were made out of terracotta or wood, and they were often decorated with images from Greek mythology. They also made dolls that had movable limbs. They also took the Jackstones game from ancient Egyptians, and also just like them, they used animal knuckle (more…)

7 Kids Toys popular in the 90s

There was a time when Christmas was an overwhelming experience, overflowing with madness and sheer anticipation and for what? – Toys! Take a ride down memory lane as you recollect your childhood fancies from the 90’s. You have to admit it but this was a generation of classic toy trains and Nintendo’s very own original, the Game Boy. Right from musical knick-knacks to elegant Barbie dolls, there were way too many toys popular in the 90’s. So if you remember all your Christmas trinkets from the 90’s, here is a blast from the past –

Walkie-Talkie, 1993

If you have watched Home Alone 2, you will surely remember Kevin’s electronic buddy – the Talkboy from 1993, a glorified version of what we refer to as a walkman. My friends over at wedding photography Atlanta still watch this movie every Christmas along with everyone else I think! Home Alone 2 was a good one, debatable that it was as good as the first. With batteries that would simply pour out of its shell, this toy included a 30 minute cassette tape (yes we had those back then) which was perfect enough to tape and repeat timeless recordings.

Tamagotchi, 1996

The name may sound Japanese but its electronic setup was enough to kick-start the mind. Tamagotchi was like any other taskmaster, except back in the 90’s it had a huge fan following. These toys were considered predecessors of smart phones without having the need to download an application. The toy was a virtual pet that educated children on pet caring and several other tasks.

Super Soakers, 1991

This nerf gun made its entry at the end of the 1980’s and was initially supposed to be known as the ?owerGun’. The water gun could pump into air pressure chambers just to spray someone sixty yards away. One of the best features – it made the little (more…)